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Digging up the past

I am working from home today, so although I got up at the usual 6am, I had time to putter around before work at 7. I rummaged around in one of my big bins of tech to find a few spare hard drives so that I could back up a bunch of stuff, only to find that one of them already had backups — of two years ago. And on that drive were all the photos and emails from my last relationship.
Thanks to the new Mac “Quicklook” feature I took a quick look at my ex boyfriend, reading his sweet, intelligent, witty, and sexy emails over a period of three months, punctuated by a strange and sudden break up at the end of 2004 — a breakup that, I wonder, might have been the last push I needed to leave Washington (despite the fact that he lived in Philly).
Those emails were so unlike any I’d gotten before, filled with the fun and emotion of the beginning of something which sadly didn’t last (although there were flareups now and again, even after I’d moved to California). Noticing how he ends each email, starting with “caio” and eventually giving over to longing and love; these remnants of our relationship are sweet and hot. I wrote poetry for him, which surprises me no end; he wrote poetry for me, which flabbergasts me.
So here I sit, alone as usual, armed with memories as well as his phone number and email, knowing full well that…
Oops… it’s 7am. Time to go to work.

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