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Post hoc, ergo propter hoc, persevero

They’re experts, the right wing are, at twisting anything. You remember, of course, that these are the people who claimed that all the evil and unconstitutional things the Bush administration did were worth it, because we had no more terrorist attacks. They’re very good at these fallacies.
And they’re not stopping.
Sarah Palin now claims in her various screeds (including a Wall Street Journal op-ed) that the “death panels” she warned about are now not gonna happen – because she was so courageous in speaking out about them. Never mind that she made them up.
Jim Greer, the insane Republican from Florida who implored us to just “think of the children” when Obama dared to plan to speak to high school students? Well, Greer now claims that because Obama didn’t perform an indoctrination or brainwash the kids, it must have been because he was stopped by Greer’s heroic efforts at pointing out the truth.
It’s the ultimate triumph of the Karl Rove method – the man known as Turdblossom has taught the right to scoop up that pile of shit and grow beautiful flowers in it.

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