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Here I go, giving the nuts more attention

Let’s take a look at the Facebook comments on one single page, http://www.buzzfeed.com/gavon/top-20-conspiracy-theories-that-have-already-sprun

Let’s take a look at the Facebook comments on one single page, http://www.buzzfeed.com/gavon/top-20-conspiracy-theories-that-have-already-sprun

Americans should not be so lazy and quick to dismiss these concerns. Let it play out. Serious questions exist in his documents. Only foolish people would let this pass. No one vetted this man initially.

It is important in your career as a conspiracy theorist to learn how to lie. Luckily, the vast majority of “Birthers” are also right-wing conservatives, and have been taught by the masters.

Take advantage of the fact that everyday, ordinary Americans don’t know and don’t hear about the behind-the-scenes procedures that the government takes in vetting candidates for office. Since the media doesn’t cover this boring kind of story, you can easily pretend that it never happened – that no one bothered to check the background of a man who has won public office from state senate to US Senate to president.

The real proof that you are an artist in this field is when you convince people that the current president was never vetted, but that every other president in history was — with just a single phrase!

why has no other president been asked about where they were born?

Assumes facts not in evidence.

I’ve been questioning his birthplace since before he was “elected,” personally.

Oh, you’re quite the engaged citizen, you are.

The next one is incredibly long, a single run-on paragraph that spans 656 words. I’ll give you the highlights. I can’t even continue to make smart aleck comments, it’s so crazy and insane and silly — like a parody, but real.

His original certificate of birth or birth certificate would have the name legally given to him at birth, not the name he started using after becoming a muslim.


My son has two birth certificates, one with the name given to him at birth and another when his name was legally changes when my husband legally adopted him.

Was he born again? Hope he doesn’t become president.

This paper wasn’t even available in the 1960’s.

Um, that’s because the paper comes from 2011. Did you think they would rip the page out of the book and hand it over? This is a certified photocopy, copied onto security paper. Funny how the very procedures used to ensure its provenance are now serving as evidence of fraud for the conspiracy nuts. But that’s part and parcel of the delusion, of course.

The hospital stated didn’t exsist until the 1970’s so how can one be born in a place that doesn’t exsist yet?


This man has not held down a job for any length of time.

What does this have to with anything, even if it was true?

His college educational records are sealed because he got into college as on a visa as a foreign exchange student from Africa and he was accepted into college under affirmative action as well as his wife was, not on their own merit but because they are a minority.

Um, are you saying that anyone can walk into any university and demand to see the educational records of a student? Or are you saying that “I’m not a racist, but…”

The rest of it goes off into the tall weeds you usually expect for a racist bigot who thinks that the big bad Muslims are going to take over their white, Christian world. I can’t not post it for you.

I think we need to move on from this issue and the only ones laughing at us are China and the Soviet Union because are economy is tanking and they along with the Middle East will bring America down to her knees and people will be wondering what happens when all they see on tv is Muslim controlled television shows instead of their reality tv shows and dumb immoral television shows. Riots will break out in the streets because people will be hungry and have no money because they have lost their jobs and their unemployement either will be denied (due to the state being broke) or they have ran out of benefits. There will be rations on the amount of gasoline you can buy for your car, if you still have one after redistribution, utilities will either skyrocket and/or be rationed, food will be rationed and your money in the savings, checking and 401’s and IRA’s will be taken for goverment usuage. Any one that claims there is a GOD and not convert to the Muslim faith will either be shot on the spot or sent to concentration camps like the Nazi’s did in WWII. I am all for having diversity in the White House, I just want it to be someone who is rightfully allowed to be there, who is going to help this country out, by cutting taxes and bringing jobs back to America, use our own Natural Resources instead of relying on Foreign Oil, Preserve the US Constitution (the way it was originally written) and the Bill of Rights. I don’t care what color they are or what sex they are, but the 545 people that hold elected or appointed offices today are making the rules for the entire US and are doing so without knowing what the US Constitution says or the Bill of Rights, too many of them are there for their own twisted idea on what they want America to be or to disban the Unites States of America and make it a third world country.

Note the hallmarks of the Tea Party: an insistence that no one in government has read the Constitution and that we must adhere to it the way it was originally written — and of course, she has likely never read it nor would she probably be able to interpret it. Oh, if the Founders could see us now.

But wait! There’s more — much more!

So Mom was 18 and Daddy was 25 exactly when did daddy start raping her and why is an 18 year old in Hawaii?

Yes, why WAS an 18 year old in Hawaii? ‘Cos I think in the 1960s they were shipped out of the state when they reached 17.

I was wondering when someone was going to realize that his birth name was Barry. Do they think we are stupid? When you change your birth name, they don’t go back and change your birth certificate. Morons. I’m disappointed that our government can’t come up with a more professional fake than that.

Seriously? Whatever.

Please notice that I refrained from any comments about the grammar and spelling. Obviously, these people got into school only because of Affirmative Action.

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