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Who does the electing in California?

Just a few moments ago I saw footage of Arnold and his geometric wife Maria (no wonder he gropes women – he’d cut himself groping his emaciated wife). They were leaving the mansion which served as their Bel Air polling place, and he said, of the potential voting result, “It’s up to God now.”

Funny. I thought it was up to the voters.

Then again, maybe God was involved, and sent this as a sign to Californians.


  • Gene, I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed that Maria Shriver could slice a side of beef with her cheekbones. I think she has a SERIOUS eating disorder. And I’m a Kennedy fan. Oh, well- maybe Ahnold should tell her that people actually ate in Camelot. Hahaha!

    You HAVE to come to Houston now. My new boss is
    looking for love, I think, and he’s a computer guy like you. He’s a sweetheart and I think you’d like him. Oops, there I go being a matchmaker……these things never turn out right, do they?

    Anyway, I hope California gets what it deserves.


  • Actually, Gene, (and this is more frightening)
    he said “it’s up to the god now” before correcting himself.
    What’s up with that?

  • I’m glad someone else noticed that – I wasn’t sure if I heard right ’cause the audio was muffled. In fact, I think he said “the gods,” as if he were some kind of Nordic superhero…

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