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Among the clouds

Since I moved back to Northern Virginia (a fact that may surprise new readers as the last “regular” blog post before the great Tweet purge was written from Northern California; but I digress) I’ve been renting a ridiculously proportioned townhouse.

The prevailing townhouse design these days is about 12 feet wide by 60 feet high, to maximize profits and minimize living convenience. Since I am just one guy, I don’t ever even venture onto the 4th floor of this house, so I have created an occupant for it: a camera. It sits there, quietly, day and night, recording the clouds. Why? Because it’s an Internet of Things™, people, and nowhere does it say the things have to be useful.

Here’s yesterday’s clouds.

[arve url=”http://genecowan.com/video/Skycam-7-3-19.m4v”]

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