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What kind of scientist takes his kids on a routine expedition?

I’ve been sorting through the vast number of TV themes I seem to have collected over the years, and I came across the theme for the 70s kid show “Land of the Lost.” I loved that show. Anyone from my generation will do a double-take if you talk to them about Sleestak and pylons.
Anyway, in the theme song, they describe the “greatest earthquake ever known” that plunges Marshall, Will, and Holly “a thousand feet below.”
I’m not an expert on geology, tectonics, nor search and rescue techniques, but isn’t a thousand feet only a fifth of a mile? So, basically, they were lurking just below the surface? Hell, there are subway stations deeper than that. When tourists come to DC and can’t figure out the Metro, well, THAT is the land of the lost.

[Listen to the theme song for “Land of the Lost” with all it’s banjo-y Hee Haw goodness]

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