Ground Force America

Posted on May 20, 2003 by Gene

Ground Force was here in D.C.! Well, in Clinton, Maryland, anyway.
I would love to have Ground Force in my backyard, but since the planting area is only about 15 feet or so, it would hardly take two days – more like two hours.
I love BBC America. Who knew that it would bring such good TV to us here in the U.S. – and not just re-run the Brit versions?

Please note: I know that this entry has been showing up as result number 2 when searching Google for “Ground Force America,” but this is just my personal weblog – it has nothing to do with the BBC or the Ground Force team. Posting comments here asking Charlie and Tommy to re-do your backyard might as well be written on scraps of waste paper and thrown into the wind – I don’t know them, they don’t know me, and your messages won’t get where you think you’re sending them. Really. Why, oh why, are you posting them here?!

April 3, 2004: STOP! Are you thinking of posting a request asking Ground Force to come to your home? STOP! THIS IS NOT THE BBC AMERICA WEBSITE! Oh please, people, can’t you read? Do you have no common sense? Do you just willy nilly post your home address and phone number for anyone on the Internet to read?

I’ve had a great time laughing at you for posting these ridiculous messages here, marveling at the lemming-like quality of your stupidity and lack of even average intelligence. If, in fact, you want people to shake their head in amusement at your idiocy by posting a message here asking Charlie & the gang to your house, by all means go ahead. If, however, you have half a brain, you’ll go instead to the BBC America website.