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Take my right arm instead

I’ve packed up my new Aluminum PowerBook for shipment back to Apple. It’s got that annoying “white spots on the screen” problem, and has since I got it in October. I waited to ship it back until there was some kind of public confirmation from Apple of the problem, and until other people reported that there was an actual fix for it.
So, once again, I’ll sit back and hope that the box makes it to Apple then back to me. You may recall that when I sent my last PowerBook back because of a design flaw, they shipped the repaired computer to a school somewhere instead of to me. Then a few months ago, I shipped back my mother’s iBook, which somehow was lost by Airborne Express, resulting in a month’s annoyance trying to get a replacement.
I think that my luck should be ready to change, don’t you? Where’s that karmic balance?
Anyway, the PowerBook has been packed up for a couple hours, still sitting at the reception desk waiting to be picked up. And I’m already jonesing for it. It’s driving me to distraction, this need to check my e-mail, look at websites, and check my bank balance. Sure, I could do all that here on my office Mac, but it’s all about my preferences, my settings and options, the way I like my windows arranged on the wide screen, the chime when I get new mail… isn’t it amazing how personal a device the laptop has become?

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