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Late to the party once again

I wish I had thought up this genre first — making a blog that consists solely of lists of five things. I read it once a week and laugh my head off. Unfortunately, that ship has sailed and I can’t steal the concept now. But that won’t stop me from shamelessly reposting some of my favorites. Since I am in the pre-planning stages of thinking about possibly looking into doing yoga, I was amused by this one:

Five observations from my first 25 minutes of yoga

  1. This Rodney Yee person is in much better physical condition than I am
  2. Yoga is not, apparently, a competition; thus, you are discouraged from yelling “In your face!” at your partner/opponent
  3. “Downward facing dog” makes me feel a little dirty
  4. Lacking a points system, Yoga offers no particular bonus for finishing quickly or making pithy remarks
  5. I remain suspicious of activities in which I cannot wear shoes or drink

Damned humorous people. I used to be funny, too. And then George Bush came along. Is our country less funny now? Or is it just me?
Anyway. I’ll try to shake myself out of this cold winter funk I’ve been in, and resolve to be funnier in the future. Really. Even if I have to steal the jokes from someone else.

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