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Give that man a medal

What does it mean for the Bush administration that we’ve all grown wise to their ways?
One of the things they often do is send people to the wolves. Today — Michael Brown “resigned,” saving a bit of face for the administration that probably would have had to fire him soon anyway, just to keep critics off balance.
It was pointed out today by a senator that the nomination of Miguel Estrada to the bench, which was blocked by Democrats, was most probably set up as a political strategy to portray the Dems in a bad light. He pointed out that the White House produced all the documents requested for Estrada, and they haven’t done so for Roberts. It’s an interesting idea, and eminently believable with this White House, that people — no matter how loyal — are simply fodder for one political strategy or another.
After all, they’ve been doing that with our troops for years now.

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