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Gay Money

I like nothing better than spreading my money around to companies that buck the heavy-handed tactics of the religious right. This is especially true of boycotts by organizations like “Focus on the Family,” a vile group that tries to force their fundamentalist beliefs upon all other Americans.
Now, FOTF has closed all their accounts at Wells Fargo because the bank donated to the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. Wells Fargo gives about $2 million per year to gay and lesbian organizations.
A director of the “American Family Association” says that Well’s Fargo’s contributions will lead to “a lot of anonymous sexual encounters.”
When I heard about this last week, I immediately called Wells Fargo. I’m opening a business account there.


  • I didn’t know that about WF. Now I don’t mind so much writing them a big mortgage check every month!

  • If I had known opening an account at Wells Fargo would lead to “a lot of anonymous sexual encounters” I would have opened an account there years ago!

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