The Great Verizon Annoyance of 2012

Enjoy the long, annoying story of my battles with Verizon to simply make my service work correctly. Trust me, this rambling recreation is exponentially shorter than the actual ordeal.

London’s dystopian Olympics: criminal sanctions for violating the exclusivity of sponsors’ brands

As London ramps up for the 2012 Olympics, a dystopian regime of policing and censorship on behalf of the games’ sponsors is coming online. A special squad of “brand police” will have the power to force pubs to take down signs advertising “watch the games on our TV,” to sticker over the brand-names of products at games venues where those products were made by companies other than the games’ sponsors, to send takedown notices to YouTube and Facebook if attendees at the games have the audacity to post their personal images for their friends to see, and more. What’s more, these rules are not merely civil laws, but criminal ones, so violating the sanctity of an Olympic sponsor could end up with prison time for Londoners. [via boingboing]

I can probably be detained just for writing this about the 2012 Olympics

I think it may be time to once and for all put the Olympics out of its misery. Read on to learn how London is designing a police state that North Korea would be jealous of.

Fly the Steve Skies

Virgin America has named one of its fleet after Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, emblazoning a popular Jobs quote “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” on the side of this Airbus A320.

A Virgin America spokesperson explained to MacRumors that the name was chosen as part of an internal plane naming competition. The plane, with tail number N845VA, first flew last fall.

Virgin America is the only airline based in Silicon Valley, with 2,200 employees based in Burlingame. [via MacRumors]