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It’s only a drawing, but…

I watched Lilo & Stitch again today – or rather, listened to it while I worked – and I liked it even more. I’m not a particularly emotional person, but this is one of those movies that makes me misty. An example: Lilo encounters 4 other girls who are off to play dolls. She shows them her homemade doll, with a huge head. “I pretend that an insect laid bugs in her ear and she has only a few days to…” When the other girls ditch her, she throws her doll away and walks off. A moment later, she comes back for the doll, hugging it tight. It was a short little scene, but it tugged at my heart, along with dozens more scenes so carefully and subtly created that they pull on the emotions with great power… it appeals to those of us who were always outside the group or thought of as weird, and who search for a place to belong and someone to hold tight to.

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