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Censorship at work

Have you seen the new GE commercials? The ones that do away with the slogan “We Bring Good Things To Life” in favor of “Imagination At Work?” At the end of the commercials, a series of iconic images appear indicating the various businesses that GE is involved in. One of them is the NBC peacock logo.

Unless the commercial is airing on another network. Today I noticed that the same ad that aired yesterday on NBC’s Meet the Press with the peacock included did not have the peacock when it aired on ABC’s The Practice.

Not really surprising, but of some small interest. At least, to trivial people like myself.


  • what the fuck does this article have to with censorship…you’re a fucking fag…

  • I envy the excessive courage it must take to make a puerile comment such as that anonymously. Salut!

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