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Against Animal Cruelty

Can I just say here how horrifying I find animal cruelty?
Here in DC, as part of the February sweeps, FOX 5 news is airing a story about the cruel conditions imposed upon chickens in egg farms. While I doubt that they are airing the story for any other reason than the shock value, I hope it does cause some action to be taken.
I’ve been aware of this horror for quite some time, thanks to the work of various groups fighting animal cruelty. I defy anyone who has seen the conditions animals – such as chickens – are kept in to be unmoved. I haven’t been able to see the promos for this news story without tears.
I’m not a vegetarian or vegan, and I probably never will be. But I do my absolute best to make choices in my life that avoid any cruel treatment of animals. I will only buy eggs from cage-free chickens. I only buy non-hormone fed, humanely treated beef. And I applaud big businesses that enforce non-cruelty policies.
When I see any animal in distress it simply rips my heart to pieces. So many people bring distress upon themselves by their choices in life. Animals always have it forced upon them.
Do your best to be compassionate toward all life on this planet.

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