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Lightbulbs for Christmas

As I contemplate traveling back to chilly Washington, DC this week, looking for my gloves and deciding which sweaters to unpack, I am reminded that there are worse places to be.
Like, oh, Alaska. Where the sun is now setting — until spring. Yes, once it goes down, it doesn’t come back for a while. Today’s weather in Barrow:


Check out the sunrise and sunset times. Scary. Very scary. I mean, it seems like the times for another planet, you know?


  • I spent ten years in Barrow.

    At one point I stepped out the back door and smoked a cigarette. When I went back in I told the Chef that I just saw the most beautiful Sunrise/Sunset in my life. The Chef said which was it sunrise or sunset. I said BOTH, I watched it come up and I watched it go down. He said “You were only out there for five minutes.” He was right. It all ocured in the span of one cigarette.

  • You’re heading back to the east coast this week? I sent you a little holiday something, and the merchant decided to use UPS (instead of USPS), so I guess you might not get to see your cute UPS guy… wink

  • I’ve never been to AK, but several years ago I was in Stockholm, Sweden in January, and it was weird enough to see the sun come up and only rise a small ways above the horizon for a few hours before settling back down again.

    I wish I had your UPS guy!

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