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Packets for nothing

It’s amazing how the network created by the Internet creates so many opportunities to waste time and resources. Like my project this morning: using free tools from Apple, I set up live, streaming video from my house, where almost nothing ever happens. Every once in a while you’ll see a car pass by way in the background behind some trees. Sometimes you’ll see me sitting at my desk.
So, when you visit my website, the request goes to Stockton, California. Then, the page requests the video stream from Arlington, Virginia. Already, we’re traversing the United States with these data requests from wherever you are. Heck, if you’re visiting from another country, we’re now wasting resources internationally!

Wanna watch? It’s only on every once in a while…

Requires QuickTime 6


  • Or we’re just getting a nice “please install quicktime” request.
    Do I really feel like it just to see this camera? well no, I’ve still not installed java or shockwave for mozilla yet.

  • Happened upon savage this Saturday. In looking for a biographical sketch on this cretin, I found your page. Yes, “asshole” is quite apt too. CAn you point to some information about from which rock this reptile slithered?

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