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Savage vs. Civilized

Another example of the fall of civilization: Michael Savage. This is what passes for “journalism” in our society? Some examples of what this ultra-right, extremist, loud mouth, divisive spotlight seeker spews from a story today in the Washington Post:

Michael Savage, the conservative radio host whose hiring by MSNBC has turned him into a national lightning rod, is threatening to lead a boycott against the “slimy, filthy groups” that oppose him.

Accusing them of “Nazism” and “economic terrorism,” Savage has told listeners that “these brownshirt groups” live in “mud puddles” and that he may ask the Justice Department to investigate them.

Savage writes of “the degenerates on the left who want to sell Americans on the idea that homosexuality, bisexuality, transexuality, even sex with animals is normal.” He complains that a “minority of feminist zealots” has “both feminized and homosexualized much of America.” On his show he talks about immigrants from “turd world nations” and called the Million Mom March for gun control the “million dyke march.”

“You rats! You stinking rats who hide in the sewers! You think you can go after my income? You think you can kill my advertisers? You think I’m Dr. Laura? You think I’m gonna roll over . . . ? You’re wrong. I’m going to find out where you get your money from. You live by handouts, all of you. You live off grants, all of you. You’re a bunch of beggars, but you don’t know how lucky you are. If you continue this, we’re going to go after your funding sources. And we will do everything we can within the legal realm to cut off that funding! We are also going to go to the U.S. Justice Department under John Ashcroft! What you are doing is illegal!”

But Savage says some of the inflammatory quotes trumpeted by his critics are “eight years old” or “out of context,” and “some are said in jest, and they know it.”

“It’s actually a gay-friendly show,” he says. “I’m quite libertarian when it comes to sexuality.”
Well, you can say what you will about his politics, his views, and his style – with the incredible polarization happening in our country these days, I’m sure he has lots of fans. But whatever his message, his delivery is what’s the real problem. Like him or not, there’s only one word to describe him: asshole.


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