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Who’s next on the list of low-valued lives?

An editorial from morons.org:

If you throw a dog out into traffic, you may find yourself sentenced to 3 years in prison. But if you murder a gay man, you may just find yourself acquitted.

Take for example, the case of Ahmed Dabarran, a Georgia District Attorney found beaten to death. Roderiqus Reshad Reed was arrested for the murder, later admitted to the brutal murder… and was subsequently acquitted by a jury, basically because Dabarran is gay. Reed claims that Dabarran “came on to him” which is evidently all the justification required for legal homicide now.

One wonders if the flipside is true; could a gay man get away with murdering a heterosexual woman if she hits on him?

Almost as charming is the case of Joseph Camber of Knoxville, who was found dead shortly after celebrating his 36th birthday. In a plea deal, Chad Allen Conyers admitted to the voluntary manslaughter of Camber (reduced from second-degree murder) and was sentenced to 15 years of behaving himself. If he doesn’t stay out of trouble for 15 years, he can be sent to prison for 4 years. If he does behave himself, the case will be dismissed. Conyers apologized for the killing, and I guess that’s nice, because it’s more than the murderer of Dabarran did. Still, an apology and 15 years of acting nicely seems a pretty weak punishment for killing a man.
It almost seems to me that this country makes no progress – it just shifts it’s tendencies for violence, hatred, and discrimination from group to group to group. The same kind of events described above happened to black people in the early part of the 20th century (what am I saying – they still happen today), and I’m sure that they will shift to Arabic people soon. Every group in this diverse country gets the finger pointed at him sooner or later. The most heinous part of it is when a group that is no longer the subject of scorn simply fades back into the background when another group is targeted. Imagine what could happen if all the persecuted people in this world bound together to combat their persecutors…

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  • Chad Conyers works for one of the Virgina Beach TJMax stores. If you are outraged by this gross misjustice please go to http://www.tjmax.com and file a complaint that the have a convicted murderer working as Head of Security.

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