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CERT class article

The Washington Post today published an article about the Community Emergency Response Team classes I have been taking. Unfortunately, I was in Chicago during last week’s classes and missed the drills that she writes about in the article. Gotta do a make-up class…
A reporter was in attendance for the last few meetings. I think we are getting press coverage because we are in the area of the Pentagon, which piques interest. We get messages about press coming to the next class every so often.
The class is, I believe, set up to prepare us to be of help to the first responders, and if necessary, become first responders ourselves. However, I’m worried that some people who take the class will step outside their role and go father than their training warrants. I guess the only way to see what will happen is if we are involved in a disaster or attack, which I hope never happens again. I suppose every little bit of training and information helps, even if you don’t have to use it.

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