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Muslim vs. Muslim

What comes next in Iraq, once Saddam Hussein is gone? More and more, I’m afraid, I think it will be civil war along religious lines of division.
Each day I’m hearing more stories of the consolidation of the various Muslim sects pointing the fingers at the others. It’s not Saddam Hussein the Shites are against, it’s his Suni Muslim sect.
I have little hope that Bush, the great CEO, has any grand plan with any possibility of success when it comes to peace in Iraq. Perhaps the time has come for the mistakes of the British all those years ago to be undone – will Iraq become a fractured state divided among it’s various ethnic and religious groups? How will this stabilize the mid east?

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  • I read somewhere that the shites gave the info
    to the U.S. troops and then the U.S. takes credit
    for finding Saddam, is this true? If so where
    would I find this info? Thank you, Betty

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