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Visualizing sound

You know what I’d really like? A sound editing application for Mac OS X that works intuitively for non-sound engineers. A program that’s like Photoshop for sound. I don’t have a clue what a band pass filter or all that other jazz is, but I would understand making an audio file “sharper” or giving it more “contrast.”
Anyone wanna write this for me?


  • I am very interested in trying to create a visual representation of sound in a more realistic form of imagery using visuals such as shape movement color and objects of general representation of stereo type. I find it difficult to do so because as most thing can be universaly acustomed to people across the world, they are at the same time not. so how can you produce a piec of visual sound presentation that would apply to the thoughts of people all across the boarders.

  • I personally don’ think that there’s any sense in whatever u’re asking for cause everyone has to choose a demographic before considering alterin the process of sound and visual representation.

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