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Sharing iTunes music the old fashioned way

There’s plenty of buzz about the ability of iTunes to share music between computers. But I’ve been sharing music between my computers for years! The ease of use of the Mac makes it possible.
The important thing about a Mac is it’s consistency and logic. Things (usually) just work on a Mac, and that makes it possible to share your music among computers. Easy. Just enable firesharing on the Mac with your music. In the other Mac, connect to the first (in OS X, using the “Go” menu in the Finder) and mount the disk that contains the music. In iTunes, choose “Add to library” and choose the music folder on the remote disk.
From then on, when you want to play a song from the main computer, the Mac will automatically mount the remote disk and play the music. No need to have iTunes open on the other computer.
Kind of obvious, isn’t it?
This even works just fine over the internet, assuming that you connect to the disk the first time using the IP address rather than the local name.

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