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Damn that high credit limit

You know how it is. You clean the living room and realize that there is enough space on a shelf below the TV for yet another metal box with lights. So, I bought myself a TiVo.
Since at this point it’s still compiling program information, I can’t really avail myself of most of it’s functions, but I did pause a Ken Burns film while talking on the phone. I love the idea of being able to make TV fit my schedule, instead of the other way around.
I’ll report back soon on the incredible, fantastic changes that TiVo has wrought. Or am I taking the TiVo evangelists too seriously?

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  • No, not too seriously at all. As a skeptic-turned-evangelist, I can say it *does* change the way you watch television. Being able to pause live TV is great. Likewise, when you’re settling in to watch a live program, just let it run for a few minutes while you get your popcorn… since it’s constantly recording, when you rewind and start at the beginning, you’ll have a buffer with which to fast-forward through the commercials, if that makes sense.

    Just one of the many wonders. Welcome to the club.

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