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A good day

So far, so good.
First, John called to tell me that our 48 Hour Film, which did not win a “best of screening” honor, has nevertheless been judged a winner! It’ll be awarded something tonight, but I’ll be at a condo board meeting so I’ll miss it.
Then, I stopped at the Apple store to complain about the bubbling, flaky paint that is coming off of my Powerbook. And if there’s anything better than a Mac Genius, it’s a gorgeous Mac Genius. I waited for Aubrey to help me for about half an hour, but it was worth it because I just got to sit there and look at him. He was truly, stupendously hot, a total fantasy man — dark, handsome, muscular, smart, and a Mac guy. Woof.
To make things even better, he informed me that the paint problem was covered under warranty, so I will be contacting Apple in the next day or so to get the Powerbook fixed. I can only assume that they put a new casing on it. The only bad thing about this is that I will be without my laptop for a while, and I’m not sure I can handle it!
They had iPod remotes on sale for $19 and a 6-port Firewire hub for $40, so another impulse purchase made me feel good, too. And gave me an excuse to hang around the store a little while longer and catch another glimpse.
Speaking of hot guys, when I got home my TiVo had recorded a few things for me on a whim – “suggestions.” Among them was an episode of The Nanny, where Maggie moves in with a hot underwear model. Yum. In only one day, TiVo knows me very well. ::grin::

[Update 9pm: WE WON! An embarrassment of riches – our film won three awards! Best Screenplay, Best Music, and, one that I take very personally, Best Graphics! I’m astounded and thrilled — I thought that we were completely out of the running after losing in the audience voting, but this time it was the results of judges, not a biased audience. Woo hoo!!!!]

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