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TiVo has picked a few movies lately that I enjoyed; if you can find them, try these.
Movies with Julie Walters, a British actress that I have learned to love this week: “Intimate Relations”, with Rupert Graves, is the bizarre story of a landlady and her tenant – who have a sexual relationship under the strange gaze of her daughter; “Strange Relations”, where Walters plays a Liverpudlian who is visited by the son she gave up for adoption (Paul Reiser) who is in search of a bone marrow donor. She was also in “Billy Elliot” and the Harry Potter movies.
I also enjoyed “Week-end in Havana” with Alice Faye, John Payne (of 34th Street fame), Carmen Miranda and Cesar Romero. I loved Carmen Miranda’s mangling of English! Unfortunately, the TiVo didn’t get the end, as it ran over the scheduled time – I’m waiting for the next showing so I can find out if he got the right girl. Add to this list “Born Yesterday” with Judy Holliday for a good laugh; TiVo also recorded “Bells are Ringing” with Holliday, but it dragged so badly that I never could sit through it.
I never would have found these movies with TiVo to guide me – someone tell Hollywood that they should back off their anti-customer attitudes. Devices like TiVo are simply giving their products a much wider audience!

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