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Too smart for Fox

I’m going to miss Futurama when it disappears once and for all. Tonight’s episode points out why. There’s no other show on television that manages to combine physics and comedy so well.
Tonight’s episode, entitled “The Farnsworth Parabox” saw Professor Farnsworth inventing yet another potential universe-destroying device – resulting in a simple box containing a parallel universe where the only difference is the result of a coin toss. Theoretical physicists must have been having an electromagnetic field day with this one. It got even more complex when they created dozens of other universes and hopped among them – universes inside universes. Then, at the end, to make it really mind-boggling, the Professor brought the box containing our universe into our universe! The infinite recursive implications of this are, well, infinite.
You don’t see writing like this on… well, any other program on television. And only a couple episodes left.

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