Just As I Thought

Home is where the dog is

How weird to think of California as home, but the whole time I was sitting strapped into that little airline seat, I couldn’t stop thinking of getting there, walking into my living room, falling asleep in my own bed. Jann came to pick me up and brought Diego with him in his little carrier, it was a little reunion.
So now I sit on my couch replaying my little vacation in my mind — cutting out little paper snowflakes with io and Lily, having huevos rancheros for breakfast, rollerstaking and trying to keep my feet from going in opposite directions, realizing that California grapefruit costs less in Austin than it does here in California, watching opera singers and flashing back to the time B. sang for me, filming Sara’s stream of conciousness ramblings in the car and trying desperately to stifle my laughs, Lance’s out of the blue hilarious comments…
all in all, my trip left me with a very sore face from smiling so much, totally exhausted from the heat and the energy of the girls, and with the feeling that there are people out there who, while they’re not family, still treat me like I am.


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