Just As I Thought

TiVo IS gay.

Tired of my posts about TiVo yet?
Get this – last night it recorded Star Trek: Voyager by suggestion, and while watching it just now, I was surprised to see a commercial for a gay telephone dating service! Who knew that they advertised on mainstream TV, even at 1am? I guess that UPN 20 knows who’s watching Voyager, eh?
Even though the ad featured an incredibly hot muscular cowboy, I am not tempted to call. I swear.


  • Oh, and apropos of TiVo being gay, mine also is dutifully recommending queer-themed programming and programs with a queer sensibility. And when I was talking to my parents Tuesday night, and telling them about my TiVo, my dad volunteered that an acquaintance of his had bought a TiVo and suddenly one day it started recommending and recording gay programming. I need to ask Dad if said acquaintance has any attractive single sons in the household.

  • I can’t remember now what it was I was watching the other night, on TiVo of course, and saw the same commercial… really surprised me.

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