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Ananova reports that Ricky Martin is “too shy” to approach women.

Ricky Martin claims he’s too shy to approach women – but doesn’t usually have to bother.

He says the perception that he’s a womaniser is completely wrong, as he would never make the first move.

The singer has re-appeared on the music scene after a three year break with his new all-Spanish album Almas del Selencio.

When asked if he would ask a woman out, he told German FHM: “Absolutely not. I’m much too shy for that – I could never approach a woman.”

But he added: “I usually don’t have to make the first move.” He said he likes women to have nice eyes and hands.

In a possibly related story:

Penis-shaped lollies seized in Greece

Council officials in Greece have seized a batch of penis-shaped lollipops which were on sale at a popular beauty spot.

The sweets were on sale at a highway rest stop in the Vale of Tempe in northern Greece.

Larissa regional authority officials visited the shop and confiscated all the lollipops on sale following a complaint from a bus passenger.

The woman passenger was travelling with her young child who drew her attention to the lollies which were available in a variety of colours and sizes.

The Athens News Agency reports the phallic sweets were traced to a wholesaler in Halki, near Larissa.

Another up-tight bitch ruins it for everyone else. Nothing new there.

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