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I’m tired of this. Let the mideast burn.

Now, let’s see how many people get pissed off at this post.
The Israel-Palestine situation appears to me to be completely unsolvable, simply because it’s rooted in religion. I can’t believe the things that people do in the name of God. And frankly, I sometimes feel that the world would be better off if all the religious zealots in the world simply got it over with and killed each other off. Let the Israelis and Palestinians finish each other off. Let the various Muslim factions fight amongst themselves. Let the ultra-right conservative Christians blow themselves up and burn down their hideaway compounds. The world will be better without any of them. To hell with all of them. None of them act in the way that their religions dictate.
Both sides in the Mideast are at fault. Both are guilty of horrible crimes. And with all of their shouting about what God said, wouldn’t it be a hoot if God suddenly arrived and said that they were all idiots and that he was taking the land away from both of them… and you can bet that they wouldn’t agree that it was God and that he didn’t say what he said. If, indeed, God promised that crappy, scrubby, sandy piece of land to both of them, he’s got an awful lot to answer for. And if he didn’t why the hell would anybody want it? Cripes.

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  • VERY WELL SAID!!! I cannot agree with you more on this topic. Why should the average American give a hoot about whether the Israelis or Palestinians are killing each other in this ancient strife? The government says we should. There is turmoil in the Middle East. If there wasn’t turmoil, of course we would cause some!


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