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The Style Invitational: Have a drink

Today’s Style Invitational presents the results of a contest in which entrants were asked to create a drink named after a famous Washington personality:

Second Runner-Up: The Al Gore: A tall drink, conspicuous by its absinthe. Just order “a stiff one.” (Jonathan Paul, Garrett Park; Chris Doyle, Forsyth, Mo.)

And the winner of the wooden replica of the Windsor casino:
The WMD: Only water, but somehow, you still get bombed. (Joe Cackler, Falls Church)

The Defense Department: A bottle of Bud. $235. (Marc Leibert, New York; Bob Bonsall, Bryans Road, Md.)

The Legislative Process: Each person in the bar adds one ingredient of his own choosing. (Michael Burgess, Germantown)

The Marion Barry: Coke over cracked ice. It is customary to order this by saying, “Bitch, set me up!” (Bird Waring, New York)

The Tourist: Take one measure of vodka, then add — wait, no, start with one measure of gin, then add a measure of vod . . . no, it’s 11/2 measures of vodka, then add creme de cassis — what on Earth is creme de cassis? Can I just add cherry brandy instead? Then add orange juice — ewww, this isn’t like the orange juice back home — and garnish with a slice of lime. It costs HOW MUCH??? (Ron Bottomly, Columbia)

The Rummy: Rum, piss and vinegar. (Ben McCulloch and Laurie McCabe, Falls Church)

The U.S. Forest Service: A clear lager. (Russell Beland, Springfield)

The Trent Lott: Separate but equal parts Kahlua and cream. (Jeff Tomasevich, Washington)

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