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Turn your head and cough

Pay-per-view is rapidly reaching the same realm as the Coliseum did with the lions. Brit footballer and fashionista David Beckham will soon undergo a physical for his new gig in Spain, and it’ll be televised. From the Sunday Mirror:

Subscribers to the Spanish club’s television station will be joined by a global viewers as broadcasting rights go under the hammer across the world. Following the huge success of the pilot screening of Ronaldo’s medical last summer, TV executives at Madrid are confident there will be massive interest in seeing Beckham put through his paces by the club’s medical staff.

The bizarre sight of the most famous footballer on the planet stripping down to his boxer shorts will make for compelling viewing. A senior executive at Madrid said: “Viewers were gripped by Ronaldo’s medical. It was a complete first and was a massive success. But judging by the hysteria surrounding Beckham, demands to see his medical will be far greater.”

Beckham will undergo a thorough examination overseen by the club’s medical staff and independent physicians.

I can only assume that his physical exam will not include flexible cameras and rubber gloves… although I imagine that would drive viewer fees through the roof.

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