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Bravo, New York

I’m amazed. Perhaps the ordeal of September 11 has had some lasting repercussions — I’m watching coverage of the massive northeast blackout, and it’s incredible to me how the people of much-maligned New York City are reacting – no riots, so far no injuries, and despite some obvious anxiety, people seem to be calm. Even though this may turn out to be nothing more than an incredibly irritating annoyance (especially with the heat and humidity), the people are taking it in stride and seem to be behaving like mature adults. Watching helicopter footage of the strangely dark city criss-crossed by automobile headlights, I’m struck by one thing – people in cars, even though in total gridlock, are not blocking the intersections. They’re stopping at the white lines. Heck, here in DC, people don’t do that on a normal day, much less in heavy, unmoving traffic during a massive power outage.
I have a healthy new respect for the people of New York City.

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