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Let’s have a positive weekend

I always set out to write something funny, nice, amusing, and just generally “smiley” on my blog; but then the news of the day always derails my plans. I’m fickle that way.

But recently, I’ve been experimenting with a concept that I’d heard about here and there. It’s this kind of philosophy where you actually DO what you plan to do; KEEP promises to yourself and other people, and just generally behave like you’re SUPPOSED to. Heck, I’m 37 now, so I should just deal, you know? (Even if I tell other people that I’m 27… it’ll be our little secret, OK?)

Weird, I know. And at first, it didn’t fit so well, like a new pair of sneakers. But I’m starting to break it in, and it’s beginning to fit.

A few weeks ago, I started the much hyped Atkins diet. Now, in the past, I would have toyed with it for a few days then tromped out to the 7-11 for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Not this time! So, as of today, I’ve lost 12 pounds. I’ve reached an interesting point where I no longer crave ice cream, candy, bagels, and the like… and this whole thing has had some interesting side effects.

I feel better about myself and my appearance – I’ve actually pulled out the tight jeans and worn them around; and I’m actually tucking my shirts in. I go for walks. I take the stairs instead of the elevator. And I am feeling good about sticking to something, a most unusual feat. I’ve proved that I can follow through.

Anyway. I think I’m going to make a little promise here today and try to stick to it: I’m not going to spend any time this weekend posting diatribes about issues in the news that rile me up. I’m only gonna post fun stuff, amusing comments, and maybe a few puns or something. On Monday, things will be back to normal.

I’ll start with a little musing on the blackout.

In-between finger pointing and doomsaying, the media have interspersed some little stories about how people are coping without electricity. I posted last night about how amazed I was at the attitudes in New York; today I was encouraged by the way Toronto residents coped. At first, they all appeared in the streets as in New York… but then they dispersed, into parks, sidewalk cafes, and other spots where they could relax. I thought this was utterly charming.

It may be a cliche (and there’s a reason that cliches become cliches) but adversity does bring out the best in a lot of people. And I think that the forced coping with a sudden return to a simpler time brought out some spark in a lot of people. It’s like a huge-scale version of “1900 House.” Just like in a small black-out, when we all go outside and chat with out neighbors… no TV, no microwave, no computer… just people talking to each other on the street, in the park, in cafes. Strange how an occurrence that seems so isolating has the opposite effect. I wish we could all act like that when things are going well, too.


  • The Atkins diet is very strange – because you can have protein but not carbohydrates, it makes you realize how dependent one food is on other foods. For instance: the other night, I had a hamburger. Without the bun. Weird. Sometimes for snacks I used to have pepperoni and cheddar cheese on a triscuit. Well, now I can have the pepperoni and cheese, but no triscuit!
    If someone would make a pizza that had no crust, I’d be just fine. Lasagna without pasta, and french fries without potatoes. Ham sandwiches without bread. Salads without carrots. Weird.
    And since I’ve been on this diet for about 3 weeks, I hadn’t had any sugar at all – but last night I went out to dinner with my family and in the finest tradition of “family” restaurants, the wait staff gathered to sing happy birthday and present me with ice cream. How could I not have some? That would be rude! But by the time I got home, it had made me sick to my stomach. Perhaps that’s the key to losing weight – the good stuff makes you sick!

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