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Another in an occasional series of leftovers: bookmarks that have been lingering in the dock.

Conan the Wimp
Harold Myerson in the Washington Post contributes a wacky parody of the non-communicative candidate for California governor.

The Smoking Gun
Ah-nold’s Oui interview.

Real Live Preacher
An oration on homosexuality and the bible.

Bioweapons Expert Sues Ashcroft
Steven Hatfill is suing John Ashcroft for violating his civil rights and making him a scapegoat for anthrax attacks for political gain.

Scientists Track Rubber Toys
Thousands of smiling rubber ducks have been happily swimming around the world’s oceans for years. Whimsy and environmental horror all wrapped up together.

Design Your Own Shoes
I’ve probably posted this link before – CMAX lets you design and order your own shoes. I have a pair of g-world shoes.

Halliburton’s Deals Greater Than Thought
By whom? Didn’t we all assume that they were going to make out like… well, bandits?

Industorious Clock
Art project? Torture device?

Food of the 70s
I miss Quisp for breakfast.

NeoCon 101
The Christian Science Monitor explains.

NBC, Vivendi Aim Higher with Merger
Will the consolidation of the media finally give NBC a studio connection?

Are you suffering from DATA SMOG?
The new edition of the Oxford English Dictionary has thousands of new words, many focusing on information age slang.

Calif.’s Davis Lacked Legal Ability to Solve Energy Crisis
Not only that, but the California governor has little power over the state budget – California’s voters have seen to that. Yet, he gets the blame for their nearsighted propositions.

Microsoft is Using Linux to Protect it’s Own Website
‘Cause Windows is too vulnerable.

Whale Flatulence Stuns Scientists
With an incredible picture.

Operation Oily Immunity
Is the Bush administration locking up Iraqi oil for the U.S.? Is that a question that really needs to be asked?

Telecom Group Hires Prominent Republican
‘Cause the right wing refuses to allow Democratic lobbyists in their offices.

I, Cringley
IT departments keep recommending PCs rather than Macs, even though Macs are more reliable and easier to use. They want to keep their jobs.

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