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Dead like her

As much as I love TiVo, I also hate it.
Why? Here’s an example. I just finished watching tonight’s “Dead Like Me,” and am busting to discuss it with someone; but of the two people I know who watch it, one is not home and watches it via TiVo later; the other hasn’t seen it at all this season yet, expecting to catch it via TiVo.
Since I have no one to discuss it with, I’m going to have a one-sided spoiler discussion, after the jump.

Last year, in the episode where George reaped a society woman, she stopped by Happy Time with the woman’s spirit in tow. As they left the office, Crystal’s eyes quickly tracked the dead woman.
In last week’s new episode, we discover that the office thief is Crystal, and she has a closet meticulously stacked full of Post-It notes.
Tonight, when Mason and Daisy break into Rube’s apartment, they look inside a wardrobe, where they find — wait for it — a huge, meticulous stack of Post-It notes.
Now, the first clue from last season was very subtle, and I had to rewind a few times to make sure of it. After all, it could just have been a continuity error. But the back to back clues over the last two weeks have made it clear: Crystal is not only a reaper, but a “leader” like Rube. They’ve already established that reapers can’t always recognize each other — last season when Roxy, Daisy and Mason are walking down the street trying to pick out other reapers. Were they setting us up for this revelation?
I love puzzles like this, whether they’re deliberate or not. Anyone have an alternate theory?

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  • I wondered if that was the same cabinet or some strange coincidence but I haven’t been saving my old episodes this time so I couldn’t double-check. And that explains why she was at Happy Time when they were all there at night typing up last thoughts and never questioned what was going on. There was a moment where I imagined Crystal and Rube shacked up and got a little skeevy. I’m kind of sad we’re not seeing much of Jasmine Guy’s character this season.

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