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It’s very subtle, this bias

You see, the thing about the “Fair and Balanced” network is that they tend to be very pejorative when speaking of the Democratic Party. Note this little tidbit from DCTRV:

What a difference an “ic” makes. Fox News called yesterday’s event in Baltimore the “Democrat Presidential Candidates Debate.” However, I just caught a promo for Fox’s October rematch in Detroit and it’s being called the “Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate.” Hmmm. Agree with its positions or not, it is called the Democratic Party, not the Democrat Party….

It’s just their fair and balanced way of expressing disdain for the Democratic Party-treating the name as if it’s just some unknown little group somewhere.

The Republicans are the party of rhetoric, aren’t they? They’re the ones who brought us the “Death Tax”, “Marriage Penalty” and “Defense of Marriage.” Just goes to show how powerful the right slogan is.

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  • You are actually hinting that Fox news is not as fair and ballanced as they say? What this is a big shock!

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