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Alone again, naturally

OK, so, remember yesterday when I promised you that I would clue you in on my dinner date?
I’ve been waiting here for 2 hours.
He didn’t show.
He didn’t call.
He didn’t answer his home or cell phone.
Welcome to my life.
You know, I just don’t understand this phenomenon. I’m a nice guy, I’m witty, I’m not unattractive, and I… well, I won’t go into that. This is a family website. And besides that, I’ve now lost 25 pounds since the end of July. I’m romantic as hell and spent last night and today getting the place ready for a romantic dinner and dessert. (Anyone want some raspberries and strawberries with homemade whipped cream? I’m not eating them — not on my diet.)
There’s always room for some unforeseen circumstance – he may have had an emergency for his job. But why wouldn’t he call?
He may be laying in a ditch somewhere after a car accident.
At least, he’d better be.
The thing is, I kind of want to cry or be emotional about it; the sad part is that I won’t. Because I’m used to this kind of thing. Yup, that’s the sad part.
What if it turns out that you only get one shot at happiness? That if you screw it up or it doesn’t work–or both, in my case– then you don’t get it again. It’s over. Just you and your dog for the rest of your life. No one else ever close to you, no one else ever touches you, no one else ever cares for you.
Dammit, I looked really cute tonight. Welcome to my life. And happy Friday!


  • Ah dang. Shame shame shame on him. Would a phone call, however bogus (“my favorite aunt has been abducted by aliens and I have to go give DNA samples”) been too difficult?
    I’m sorry you got poo’d on.
    And I’ll take those berries, if they’re still fresh.

  • I’d give you the whole speech on “If he didn’t bother to call then he isn’t worth it” but I’m sure you’re hip to that all ready. I know you well enough and am aware how bright you are.
    Second, being more of the agressive type, and family to boot, just give me the word and I’ll kick the shit out him until he cries like a little girl with a dead puppy. What a worthless piece of fucknut this guy must be.
    Sorry to be so blunt but that just really pisses me off. I’ll understand if you remove this post.

  • Gene, I’m joining the chorus above. You definitely got crapped on and that guy is a jerk.
    I simply don’t understand why these guys don’t know a good thing when they see it. You have a successful career, you obviously care about your physical health and looks and you have a sincere desire to love and be loved.

    Please don’t give up the ship.


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