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There’s gonna be weather

You know, the Weather Channel’s website is quite unhelpful. It’s so laden with ads that you can’t tell what’s content and what’s not. They don’t have a clear navigation system to find the important information you need, instead they’re preoccupied with connecting weather to activities, like recreation, home & garden, etc.
But dammit, I just want up-to-date information on the hurricane that I can read, OK? I don’t want to have to fool around with streaming video, just tell me if I’m going to drown.
My mother and stepfather, who live on an island at the Outer Banks, have packed up the important stuff and are ready to evacuate in the RV. I’m starting to get lots of e-mails about my potential role in community emergencies due to my CERT training. And I have plenty of food and water.
But what is really going to bug me is if the electricity goes out. My internet connection has been down for more than a day, so I’ve been frantically wondering if I have any e-mail. If there’s something I am missing on the web. Etc. Etc. Who knew that being disconnected from the Internet could be so traumatic? Comcast will get an earful from me – for the ridiculous, gouging, monopoly price of $62 a month, I expect 24/7 connectivity – and certainly faster than they’re giving me.
Anyone want to contribute toward the installation of a T1 at my house?
Anyway, as Annie Lennox said, “Here comes the rain again.” That Isabel – what a dame.

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  • Honey, being disconnected from the Internet /is/ traumatic. Ain’t no doubt about it.

    And isn’t it eerie how unbelievably fantastic the local weather is right now? Lulling me into a false sense of security? Oh, Mother Nature, you wily minx. (Meanwhile, I should at least get myself a flashlight, stock up on food, etc.)

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