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Have you heard the news from Whoville?

The Doctor is back!
After cancellation in 1989, fans of Doctor Who around the world – including me – have bristled at the constant non-committal comments of the BBC about bringing back our beloved hero. Today, the Beeb announced that they’ve caved in, and are bringing the Doctor back starting in 2005 – okay, a long time to wait, and a lot can go wrong in that time, but here’s hoping…
From BBC News:

The much-awaited comeback will be written by acclaimed TV dramatist Russell T Davies – a self-confessed fan.

Davies’ credits include hit dramas like Bob and Rose, Queer as Folk, The Second Coming, Touching Evil, and The Grand.

[via BoingBoing]

Update: Another of those quizzes: what Doctor are you? via Dave’s Livejournal. Me:
The Sixth Doctor
You are the Sixth Doctor: Quite unstable and
aggressive from time to time, most certainly
stubborn and conceited all the time. You have a
bit of the First Doctor’s piss and vinegar,
though you’d hate to hear what he would have to
say about your clothes. Despite your
shortcomings, you are a cunning, forceful, and
resolute do-gooder, constantly upstaging
adversaries that are openly disdainful of your
taste and abilities. The poor fools.

Which Incarnation of the Doctor Are You?
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