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I’m tellin’ ya, Ellen has to be the gayest daytime talk show there is.
IMG_0827.jpgTiVo has been recording her show for me, and she keeps having guests that I love – Megan Mullaly, Sean Hayes, Allison Janney… and today, the Kratt Brothers. Now, I’ve had a… “thing”, for want of a better word, for Chris Kratt ever since I first glimpsed him in “Kratt’s Creatures,” and later ogled him shirtless in a pool in “Zoboomafoo.” Now he and his brother Martin are starring in National Geographic’s “Be The Creature.” Only I could find a host of a children’s show to be arousing, eh?
Well, the years have been good to him, if his appearance on today’s Ellen DeGeneres Show is to be believed – hunky as ever. And I was shocked to see that he’s shorter than I expected. That’s OK with me. I like ’em short and hunky. ::grin::
Yes, it’s a fine fantasy life I have here. And he’s my cutie of the week.


  • Yes, he is cute in that masculine way…. oh wait, sorry- I was looking at Ellen.

  • Ah, yes, “Zoboomafoo”! I remember that show. No doubt about it: he’s cute. Time to run home and spend some quality time with my TiVo!

  • Oh, I’ve had a crush on Chris for years. I got to meet him years ago when I was still working in public television and he and Martin were at the public TV annual convention to launch Kratt’s Creatures; I was nearly tongue-tied with delight.

    And as for hosts of children’s programming, I also found Steve Burns of Blue’s Clues very adorable.

  • jennifer and amanda think you are so cute chris and martin they just love you
    WE all loveeeeeeee your show
    they wish they can have animals like the one’s on the show well see ya

  • While Chris is a cutie, I’m totally in love (lust) with his big bro! Martin, Martin, he’s the man! Anyone else hot for the older Kratt?

  • I have to admit that I have had a major crush on Chris for the past nine years. I think that he’s a great guy in all aspects and in all shapes and forms. I used to write to him all the time, yet I haven’t heard from him in 3 years. Now I’m all grown up (age 18) and still practically in love with him. If there was a way to get to him again, I would definitely take my chances. I heard that he and Martin were supposed to be here sometime week before last, but I haven’t heard anything about it. Anyways, I’m glad to say that I’m a huge fan of the guys for years, but I mainly enjoy seeing Chris. I wish I could see the new show.

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