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Atkins Update

Granted, I’ll probably have a heart attack soon, but who wouldn’t risk potential cardiac arrest for this level of weight loss?
In 2-1/2 months, I’ve gone from 220 pounds to 190 and lost 4 inches around my waist. I’m shocked and amazed at this. Now, the “optimum” weight for my height & age – as figured by what people think it should be, is 170. The actual medically recommended weight for me is 160. So, I either have 20 pounds or 30 pounds to go, depending on whom you ask. Considering how well the last 2 months have gone, I suddenly feel like the 160 goal is achievable. That’s the first time I’ve felt that way in my entire life. It’s incredible what a little success can do for you – you suddenly feel capable of doing it!
Meanwhile, I’m having fun buying new clothes. And last night, a new belt, ’cause the old one doesn’t have enough holes in it. So, despite appearances, there are some positive things happening these days, eh?


  • You should also check out the book “SugarBusters” it’s like the Atkins diet only a little safer and a lot more permant. It more or less mirros Atkins only it concentrates (more or less) on sugars- namely the insulin that it creates.
    Check it out, my brother uses to get down to weight before competitions.

  • I did Atkins from May till August and went from 230 to 200. I’m swimming in my clothes now. Like anything, I think it has to be done in moderation. I’ve switched over to something closer to the Zone Diet, more green carbs than you’ll ever want to eat.

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