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Again: lawsuits are good for business

Once again, Microsoft is offering to settle a class action lawsuit which alleges (heh – that’s an understatement) that they engage in anti-competitive, monopolistic practices. And what do the members of the class get?
Why, vouchers to get $5 or $10 off hardware and software.

Microsoft Corp. has agreed to settle class-action antitrust and unfair-competition lawsuits brought by customers in the District and five states, making consumers eligible for vouchers worth $200 million in new hardware and software.

Not only is that token amount hilariously low, but doesn’t it just give Microsoft even more market share? And c’mon, $200 million to Microsoft is about what they spend on t-shirts in a given year.

These lawsuits are nothing but wastes of time. If you want to actually punish a company like Microsoft, fine them $200 BILLION. Heck, they can afford it.

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  • Maybe we should start pillaging the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Those snobs at PBS certainly don’t need it.

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