Just As I Thought

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

Just a little amusement: some of the interesting searches people have made here in the last month on Just as I thought:

  • video download of the blizzard of 2003 [There’s actually a time lapse video from my backyard camera over on my cam page]
  • parker stevenson nude [if only]
  • Indian Earthquakes [someone searched for this 7 times in rapid succession — perhaps they thought the results would change]
  • is bluetooth a detergent? [an amusing thought… again, they searched over and over]
  • famous people with weather [I can only assume this means people that are big enough to have their own weather systems swirling around them]
  • people that work for the weather [that’s the truth]
  • august 26 auditions [I must have forgotten my casting couch]
  • Ayn Czubas [someone else must have encountered this helpful Apple guy]
  • oral sex [wow – I didn’t realize it was that difficult to find on the internet]

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