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This entry over at Nicole’s gofish made me sad and upset.

It’s against the rules for U.S. soldiers in Iraq to have pets, but the skinny black puppy that wandered up to the Florida National Guard soldiers at a base in northern Iraq wouldn’t go away.

So the soldiers from Alpha Co. of the 2nd Battalion of the 124th Infantry Regiment adopted the mutt and named her Apache after their radio call sign.

But Army regulations finally caught up with Alpha Co. and Apache.

Family members said Wednesday that the soldiers were eventually forced to obey orders and have the dog killed.

Have the dog killed?! Was it an enemy combatant?? Did it harbor terrorists? Was it hiding weapons of mass destruction?

Why? Why couldn’t it have been given to an Iraqi family? Why? Why does this admittedly small incident make me feel like our role there is only about death? Why?

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  • Hmmm….Reminds me of Nazi SS training that I heard about a few years ago in a history class that I was in. Apparently, part of SS soldier training was taking care of a puppy for a few months, treating it better and with more care and respect than a newborn child. After creating such a strong bond with the pooch, the soldier was ordered to kill it. If they hesitated, the dog was shot by the commanding officer, and then the soldier.
    NO…….this country isn’t moving toward anything like that. Of course not.

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