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Style Invitational Week 533

In today’s Style Invitational, entrants were asked to come up with the results of unlikely cloned offspring:

Second runner-up: The child of Imelda Marcos and Dr. Seuss would collect mukluks, galoshes and gillies and high-tops, and also some moccasins, chukkas and flip-flops. (Mark Hagenau, Derry, N.H.)

The child of Bill Gates and Martha Stewart would market a line of sheets that stay on only if you buy their bed. (Dave Michaels, Silver Spring)

The child of John Holmes and June Allyson wouldn’t know if he was coming or going. (G. Smith, Reston)

The child of Izaak Walton and Lorena Bobbitt would fish or cut mate. (Jane Auerbach, Los Angeles)

The child of Segway inventor Dean Kamen and Tina Louise will discover that no one’s interested in Ginger anymore. (Brendan Beary, Great Mills)

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