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And special thanks to…

Today, let’s pause to give credit where it’s due, and it’s due to my friend and former (husband? lover? boyfriend?) Jann that we can all read my ramblings, watch little videos, wander around a virtual theme park, and send e-mail back and forth.
For the last 4 years or so, Jann has provided the space, the server, and the bandwidth for my various web playgrounds, as well as space and bandwidth for some stuff for the social studies teachers for whom I work. He also provides the same generous help to my friend Sara for her blog. And yet, he never gets enough thanks from me. All he ever gets are complaints when something’s not working, which, frankly, is much less than if I was using a regular ISP.
So, let’s all thank Jann for allowing me to have a whole universe in which to play. Leave a comment here and I’ll forward it to him; or visit his website at jann.com — and take a look at the calendar program he wrote at calendarplus.com.

Thanks, Jann.

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