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Serves me right

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been quietly complaining to myself — a singularly unusual occurrence — about the flu. It’s been the top story on the news, the lack of vaccine has thrown people into a tizzy, and last week when my friend Eric went to the hospital for some kind of severe abdominal pain, he had to wait in agony for 6 hours because the emergency room was filled with flu victims.
My usual opinion of this sort of thing is to scoff — it’s the flu, people. Just rest, get plenty of liquids. Granted, there have been deaths from the flu, and there always will be, generally speaking I think you’ll find that there are usually other things going on that weakened the immune system radically. Fewer people die of the flu then, say, the heat during a Chicago summer. And it’s generally the same people, too.
Anyway. I am a pretty healthy guy so I rarely ever go to a doctor, and since I lead a basically unaccompanied life, with few friends and no dates, I figure that I am not about to start worrying about the flu.
And here I lay in bed right now, with sore muscles, a painful throat, runny nose, and a slightly dizzy head.
Stop laughing.

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