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An annoying list

As if we didn’t know: Rush Limbaugh is more annoying than Saddam Hussein. If only we could remove him from power as well…
The annual 100 Most Annoying list is out. Rush is #3. Saddam is #4.

1: al Queda
2: Michael Jackson
3: Rush Limbaugh
4: Saddam Hussein
5: Bill Parcells
6: Osama bin Laden
7: Martha Stewart
8: Jacques Chirac
9: Timothy McVeigh (Huh? He’s dead!)
10: Jillian Barberie

Wow. Satan is way down at #58 on the list. And Mohammed Atta, widely recognized as the leader of the September 11 hijackers, is at #75, two above Princess Diana.
I wonder where in the list Arlington, Virginia’s fat people reside.

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  • Satan may be way down on the list, but the listed reasons why he “might not be annoying” is hilarious!

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